Today's Great Finds

While out perusing garage sales, my oldest son, Josiah, says, "Hey Mom!  There's a bunch of old people at that sale.  I bet you'll like their stuff!"

Lovely.  My oldest has figured out that although his mom is only 33 years old, there's an old lady stuck inside of her.

I guess he's right.  I like antiques, vintage, and other people's junk.  I've recently figured out that I'm not your average, traditional type of girl, in fact, that makes me feel trapped.  I'm embracing the rebellious, old, junk lady style within me.

Now onto the today's post...

This morning, I found this great desk for only $10.  It is going to need some wood glue, sanding, painting, distressing, & glazing.  But, for only $10, this felt almost as good as picking it up for free.

The following pictures will describe why I love this desk.

First, the dovetail drawers:

Second, the legs & knobs:

Thirdly, the side curves:

And lastly, the top detail that wraps the entire desk:

The only downfall is that the left side of the desk has come apart & needs some wood glue.  It's a simple fix.

After leaving that house, we drove around the block and found this great chair:

And it was a match made in furniture heaven:

These will be either be sold as a set or will sit nicely in our family room.

I haven't quite yet decided!


  1. If you were a *real* old lady, you'd refinish this, then wax and wax and wax until you could see your lovely face in it. Real old ladies don't paint and distress; we treat our cronies more gently ;c)

    1. Yes! I love this, Deb! So true! Maybe not with this piece, but I'd like to try & wax until faces are seen! You may have just sparked an idea! :) Keep'em coming! I need all the help that I can get!

  2. But both pieces are lovely and I'm sure whatever you do with them, they'll end up gorgeous. I'm just jealous!


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