Flowers From Our Garden

One of the things that drew us to our new home was the yard.  We have an acre of land that is simply beautiful and oh so peaceful.  In the past few weeks, we've been unexpectedly surprised of the beauty that is coming to life in our yard.

In my entire life, I have never had a garden nor kept a single plant alive.  But, times have changed.  I've been on my knees weeding out the unwanted ugliness throughout the garden areas for the past week and there's still much more to do.

So, to keep my motivation going, I've decided to keep a photo journal of our garden's progress.  This does not include all the greenery and amazing trees that are everywhere.  I'll save those pictures once the weeding is complete & yard is mowed!

Here are just a few snapshots taken this morning of God's beautiful creations.

Here's a glimpse of what use to be referred to as the "weed" garden before we cleaned it up.

And this unruly hair sweetie is my favorite...

I'm sure my mother is already gasping for air as she cries for the life of these innocent flowers.  Rightfully so, as she is still watering the plant I received 17 years ago on my 16th birthday.  (Thanks, Mom!  You're the best!)

Since we did not purchase a single flower, tree, or plant, I love them even more.  My frugal spirit sees them as free.  My husband; however, sees them as part of our monthly mortgage payment.  

Yeah, he's probably right.