Family Room Progress: Painted Paneling & Furniture Arrangement

I can not believe that a month has already past since moving into our new home.  We are still working hard on renovations, but I thought that I would give a few quick pictures of the family room's progress.

Here's a before picture taken before the previous owners moved out: 

Family Room in progress:

The lighting in our family room is not great for pictures, but you get the idea.  The set-up is a bit difficult, but we are enjoying the way it is turning out.  The entertainment center is a temporary fix until I can find the best piece to fit that location.  The bookcases in the corner are also a temporary fix until I can find a vintage bookcase to replace them.

Here's another view (sorry about the poor pictures):

And here is the family room corner today:

 Corner to-do list:

  1. Find an antique dresser for the corner to store gloves, scarves, keys, etc.  
  2. Baskets will go under the dresser to hide my kids' shoes.
  3. Add decor.
  4. Paint exterior door Peacock Tail (see paint chip on door). 
  5. Put sockets back on.
  6. Finish second coat on trim.

Here's another shot:

If it weren't for my dear neighbor, Jane, I would still be indecisive as to what to do with the nook area in our living room.  (Side note: everyone needs a Jane in their life!  She is absolutely beautiful inside & out!)

Nook Area Before (Our friend, Chris, came with us to check out the house before we put in an offer.):

Nook Area After:

So, this is where we are today.  It's nice to check off tasks from our "to-do" list.  We're just taking it one day at a time. 

Today's task is figuring out what to do with our decor that is laying around our piano.


  1. How sweet you's been so much fun to see what you do in your home. I cannot help but be amazed at your gifting and how God is providing all the treasures for you to do "your thing" with. If my little two-cent comments help, that's fun...but it's really the Gift Giver and your willingness to move in what He's given you that's so fun to behold :)


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