Craigslist Keeper: $10 Dresser

There are many reasons why I love living in Nashville, and as you know, our Beloved Craigslist is one of them.  I recently sold our entertainment center because it just did not look right in our new home.  I was searching around Craigslist to find a replacement and stumbled across a college kid getting rid of a solid wood, heavy dresser for only $10.  It has the dovetailed drawers and they pull out smoothly.  The reason for the low price was because it was missing the top pull for the middle drawer and he was moving that day.

Here's a picture of the dresser.  I had already taken off a few drawer pulls before realizing that I didn't take a before picture.

It's not a bad dresser at all & for only $10, it was a steal.  Here's a closer look at the detailed work on the middle two drawers:

The veneer detail was coming apart, so I decided to just completely take it all off.  After that, I grabbed a can of Cover Stain that I found at Home Depot a few months ago on the "oops" cart for only $5.  It has a olive green tone to it, but I thought for $5 I could make it work.

This stuff is AMAZING!  The only reason why I even picked it up is because it looked similar to a blog post I read by icreate...with love.  Have you seen her picture flying around Pinterest?


I heart Cover Stain!  It requires NO SANDING at all.  Just scrub down the piece of furniture, let it dry, & then add your coat of cover stain.

I did this outside today, and in the heat, it dried in less than 20 minutes.  For this mom of 4 little kids, the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Next, I added only one coat of white paint by Behr.  Once it dried, I did some sanding action and voila:

It turned out great.  I would love to give you a full shot of how this looks in our family room, but the room is still a work in progress. 

The middle drawer pull was found in my stash of items that I already had on hand. When I purchase drawer pulls, I usually pick up one or two extra to keep just in case one breaks.   

I just love the original drawer pulls on this piece!

Cost Breakdown:

Dresser: $10
Pull: $2 (50% off Hobby Lobby)
Cover Stain: $5
Behr Paint: Leftover from previous project

Total Cost: $17
Time Spent: 1.5 Hours

I don't know if it'll be in our family room long-term, but for now, I like it.  It's a great neutral color which gives us the freedom of moving it around until we finds its perfect place.   

Don't be scared of painting a piece of furniture.  Do a little research & try your hand at it.  If you mess up, don't worry.  You can either sand off your mistakes, paint over it, or just resale it as-is on Craigslist.  You never know how good you are until you try...and then try again & again. 

If you use the Cover Stain on a project, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  If you have any quick painting tips, send them my way!


  1. Love it! What a great find and as usual the finished project looks GREAT!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love it!

    So there's this dresser in Julia's room....I was thinking you could "help" me with. And by "help" I totally mean, do it all for me ;-)

    But seriously, once we figure out what we're going to do with her room, I would be sincerely interested in discussing this.

    1. Thanks, Malia! I'd love to help with her dresser! It would be fun just to get to hang out with your family and play around with paint. We could even teach Julia some painting techniques if she is interested! :)


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