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Baptism: We RISE!

I step into the water… with my ARMS AGAINST ME Declaring the PRAISE OF YOUR GLORY I was once DEAD IN MY SIN, But now I hold my breath in  DEMONSTRATION Of my full ADORATION With this REPRESENTATION I am SUBMERGED into the water Where your perfect peace LIES IN THE SILENCE UNDERNEATH Where your spring of water engulfs me, assuring me of eternal life To the life your Son sacrificed his life for Out of his great love for us He humbled himself and became one of us He lived among us,  he healed us, he taught us He took the punishment so that peace would be given to us He suffered wounds so that healing would be offered to us He was assigned death so that life would be given to us And when he took his last breath Scripture tells us that the earth shook The rocks split in half and the Veil that once separated us from you was split from top to bottom It now signifies we have access to you To drink the living water that only comes fr

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