Our "ER" Dresser After Shots

While the kids slept, I was able to knock out what I like to call our "ER Dresser".  If you missed the post, you can read about it here.


What I love about this dresser:
  1.  It's solid wood.
  2. Drawers are dove-tailed.
  3. The side curves & waves on the bottom.  
  4. The four small drawers located on each side of the dresser. The squares are adorable.
  5. The size.
  6. The knobs.  Although they are dated, I have gold pieces in our living area, so these actually work.  I like that it keeps a little bit of it's original character in tact.  
I could live without the the dated fans in the middle of the drawers.  It can be an easy fix with a little bit of wood filler & sanding.  However, I was limited on time.  After painted the drawers, I realized that they are not so bad.


As you can see, I've not purchased any more colors of paint since the last dresser & the same technique in the post found here.

You can see the two colors in the picture above.  The cover stain was the base, but it was tinted an olive green.  I like the way it peeks through around the edges.  I used two coats of white for a smoother finish.  This dresser was pretty beat up with lots of dents & dings.

This weekend, Sergio and I plan on working on the family room.  I've changed out the colors in this post here.  After seeing the pictures online, I decided that I didn't like the red.  The red is out & green has taken it's place.  I'm realizing that I'm more of a blue & green type of girl!

Here's a sneak peek at a few chairs that I picked up a couple of weeks ago:

Aren't they great?! When time permits, they're next on my list.