Garden Chairs & Table

I was recently given a garden set of 2 chairs and a table from a dear friend.  She knows my love for all things old and passion for working with my hands to create new things.  (Thanks, Judy!  We love the set!)

Aren't they sweet?!  The detail on each chair is simply stunning.

The table is super cute, too.  

There was a little rust on the chairs, so I hired this hottie to sand them down.

 He even spray paints, too.

He was a total keeper until he went all frugal on me and used blue spray paint on the table.  He wanted to use what we had.  Since we were out of black, he grabbed a can of blue paint. 

I fired him after that & headed to the store to pick up some black spray paint to finish up the project.

I wish that I could tell you that I picked up the cushions for free...or at least on sale, but shamefully, I paid retail for them at Home Depot.

I guess we need some good cushions with the amount of time our kids play outside.  Have I mentioned how blessed we are to have great neighbors?!  I'll write soon about our neighbors to the left...they are absolutely fabulous!

Our neighbors to the right gave us their swing set & my kids love it!

Our backyard is looking more like a park these days.  I'll have to take pictures of out trampoline behind the willow tree, Clara's baby swing hanging from the trees, & all their bikes that badly need their own shed for parking!  That sounds like a great, new project to add to our list!

Let's look at those chairs again, shall we?!

And after:


  1. You are such an inspiration! Love seeing all your great projects, now for inspiration to finish mine! ;0)

  2. Oh! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way this turned out! Your backyard is getting cuter and cuter as the days go by. It is a place where life is lived, children play and laugh, friends get together...what could be more beautiful than that!


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