It never hurts to ask!

While coming home from running errands, I decided to take a detour through our neighborhood.  It was the day before trash day which is my favorite day to take a ride in the hood.  In the past, I have found some great pieces to restore the day before trash day.

Yesterday, I noticed that one of my neighbors was putting in new windows and doing a little updating.  There was a huge pile next to a truck that looked ever so tempting.  So, I thought, "what's the worse that can happen?"

I pulled into their driveway & asked what they were going to do with their windows & a few doors.  He said that they were on their way to the dump.

I couldn't hold back from saying, "That's so sad.  Can I take a few?"

He gladly helped me put them in the car &  we attached the doors to the roof of the van.  Thankfully, we lived close!

Now, I don't have any beautifully edited pictures since my software is down.  But, it's not about the pictures or final product today.  It's just about getting out there & asking someone what they're going to do with their "junk".

Here are the doors:

Chippy goodness:


I only took 5 windows.  I didn't want to seem too crazy.

I'm an introvert by nature, so asking someone if I can take their junk is difficult.  My heart pumps out of my chest, my palms sweat, & I even stutter.  I don't know why I get so nervous.  But, yesterday I learned that it never hurts to ask. 

And I'm glad that I did!