Free Dresser & a Trip to the ER

Not all items listed as "free" on Craigslist turn out like I plan.

Yesterday, I picked up a free dresser not too far from our house.  I was so excited to replace the dresser in the living room with something larger in scale.

While Sergio & I were unloading the dresser, our youngest, Clara (1.5 yrs), hopped in the back.  As she climbed up to the driver's seat, I had a fleeting thought of getting her out before she gets hurt.  Yet, I didn't listen.

In a matter of two minutes, one of our other children opened the driver's side door to join in on the fun.  Clara must have been leaning up against it and fell onto the gravel driveway face first.

You can see the two, small gashes on her forehead.  We didn't know the depth of them because of the amount of blood coming out of both.  We took her immediately to the ER and are thankful for a good report.  Sergio set his alarm a couple of times throughout the night to check on her.

She is acting like her happy self this morning, but will be closely watched for the next 24 hours.

We are so grateful that the fall did not cause extensive trauma to our sweet girl.  Sergio and I heard her head hit the ground and I had to hold back tears when I saw her face.

She's beautiful, strong, independent, and as sweet as can be.

I share this story because no matter how much I enjoy furniture projects, our children are my favorite & greatest priority after serving God & loving Sergio.

Today's mission was to pick up a free 7-8 foot, solid wood, church pew.  However, if they won't hold it for me for another day, then it will have to go to someone else.

I have changed my mission to spending the day loving, playing, & holding our four children.

And I'm sure it's going to be a great day!


  1. Sweet Clara! I'm sooooo thankful she has YOU for her momma! You have a beautiful, maternal spirit, Jackie!


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