Ugly Hutch, Fired Husband, & New Friendship

I saw a great deal on Craigslist a couple of months ago on an ugly hutch.  The picture didn't show much of the hutch, but I saw something in it and had to purchase it.

It looked like it was all wood with great detail, but when my husband brought it home, I quickly learned that it was laminate & particle board.  No wonder it was a great deal!

I helped my husband unload it and brought it into our dining room.  I was a little disappointed and jokingly "fired" him in the process.  There are two rules that I go by when purchasing furniture.  The first is that it has to have great detail and the second is that it has to be solid wood.

While picking up the hutch from the seller, my husband invited him over for dinner.  Crazy, I know.  My husband has an attractive personality and he's able to make friends with anyone from every walk of life.  He's also wise in who he brings home for dinner.  I trust his judgement. 

First Coat
And I'm glad that I do.  Because Will, the seller, has become part of our family.  We've seen him weekly and have really enjoyed his friendship.  Our kids love him, too! 

Second coat
He recently moved into his grandmother's condo and inherited some of her furniture.  This hutch was hers.  As you can tell, it doesn't really fit into the style of one's bachelor pad.

Primed the inside, added the third coat of paint, & scraped off the gold design from the glass windows.
This piece took over a week to complete.  It has only confirmed my reasons for only purchasing solid wood pieces.
Hand-sanded the entire piece & spray painted the brass hardware black.

Painted the inside black
The top of this hutch is still super ugly.  It reminds me of the armoire in the movie Beauty & the Beast. 

How about the before & after shots....



She's not eye candy, but her updated makeover has at least made her tolerable to look at. 

We are working on the trim & hanging up curtains tonight in the dining room.  We need to add decor to the walls, find a vintage buffet, & paint the dining room table and chairs.  It's going to be a great reveal!


  1. I like it! It turned out really great!

  2. I like it, Jackie!! I think it looks great. :)

  3. I happen to think it's beautiful. I love the black interior, it makes the white pop out a lot.


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