A Little Girl & Her Pink Dressers

Tomorrow is our big move day.  We've been busy renovating the kitchen and painting the new dining room.  I never knew how much work was involved in "frugal" renovations!  I'll post updates on our new home in a few days.

Today's post is to show Lydia & Clara's new dressers.  You can read about how I purchased their dressers for free here.  I originally thought that I would use the leftover paint from a previous project.  The grey would be nice & shabby for what I had in mind for the girls' room.  However, Lydia had other plans.  While talking to her about her new dressers and her new room, she looked up at me and in her raspy voice asked, "Mommy, can they be pink?"  Before I could stop the words from coming out of my mouth, I told her "of course".  I wanted to quickly erase my words!

But, I went ahead and stuck with pink because I want Lydia to have an easy transition into our new home.  Josiah received a loft bed from a friend and Eliah will inherit Josiah's old bed.  The boys are excited and ready to be in their new home.  With all the change that has occurred in the past year, I decided to give Lydia pink dressers. 

We headed off to Home Depot and she chose "Tutti Fruitti" by Behr.  It is the brightest pink that I've ever seen.  I was nervous but hopeful that I could make it work.

Lydia is such a good helper.  She's a mini me who loves to paint.

Here's a before snapshot of the tall chest of drawers:

And after:

Here's a before shot of the long dresser w/ mirror:

And now...

I think my mini me chose nicely.

**Thank you for all the emails & responses to my previous post.  In one night, I spent over 3 hours reading emails, crying over stories, praying for marriages, and responding to dear friends.  Sergio & I were encouraged and even blessed by sharing our story.  I pray that many marriages will be restored through the power of God's redeeming love.  Sergio has a great follow-up post, but I've been keeping him busy renovating the kitchen.  It'll be posted soon.  You won't want to miss it!**

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  1. I love how they turned out! Way to go Lydia & Jackie!

  2. Fun! I love the bright pink!

  3. Those are some great pieces, love the brass hardware with the pink! Lovely!

  4. what a fun color! i love that pink with the brass, too!

  5. i would love to feature your dresser, if this would be ok with you please let me know,

    1. Hi Lauren! Of course! Anytime! Thanks for stopping by!


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