Craigslist Tip: Getting Furniture for Free

In the past year, I've become a Craigslist addict.  I'm pretty sure that I check it more often than my personal email.  Here recently, I've become aware of the fact that I can purchase furniture without hardly paying a dime. 

Take today's purchase.  The Craigslist ad read:

"Moving & Selling Antique Bedroom Furniture for $60.  
Dresser, Chest of Drawers, Queen Size Headboard, Footboard, & Rails. 
Pictures available upon request."

My tip to you: never be afraid to call, text, or email someone about sending pictures because there could be an amazing gem behind any ad. 

We're closing on our home this coming Friday,  so I have absolutely no money to buy furniture.  However, that doesn't seem to stop me from looking and trying to find a steal of a deal (or getting something for free).  At the moment, my 4 kids only have 1 dresser.  I know...we need more dressers! 

I couldn't resist at least seeing the furniture, so I emailed the seller.  I received beautiful pictures of her antique furniture for sale for only $60!  I only need the dressers, so I'm going to put the headboard, footboard, & rails back on Craigslist for $60.  Are you following me?!  I scored a good deal!  It's like getting 2 dressers for FREE!!! 

Here are the before shots of Lydia & Clara's new dressers:

And here is the bed that will pay for the dressers:

I'm really excited about today's find!  I can't wait to paint the girls' new dressers to match their new room.  I'll keep the original hardware & the paint that I'll use is from a previous project found here.

It's all about being creative when you have a $0 budget. 

How are you frugal when it comes to decorating?