11 Years & Counting...

"give me love, love, love, love, crazy love"  -Van Morrison

Tomorrow marks 11 years for Sergio and I.  As I was going through some of our pictures, I thought it would be fun to share "us" through the years....

College Sweethearts! (2000)

Every weekend, we traveled to Tyro, KS to serve alongside wonderful people @ Tyro Christian Church. (2000-2002)
Sergio arrived TWO HOURS LATE to our wedding rehearsal!! (2001)
I forgave him!  (2001)
He told me that I could get a dog....so, I brought home two! (2002)

We graduated together from Ozark Christian College (2003)
We ministered with Ninos de Mexico as teachers and then were houseparents for 13 beautiful children. (2003-2006) 
Josiah was born in Mexico. (2004)
We were expecting our sweet girl, Lydia, in 2007!
And she came bearing the sweetest, chunkiest cheeks!
I'm a blessed woman!
Eliah was on his way when Lydia turned 6 months! (2009)
By this time, we haven't slept in months..maybe years!  (2009)

And, before Eliah was 1, we were expecting Clara!  (2010)
Sergio is my partner in crime when it comes to hosting Murder Mystery Parties!  (2011)
Seriously, one of the best parties EVER!!  1920's Murder Mystery Party!!
Waiting to be wheeled off for my 4th c-section and wondering what Baby #4 would bring to our family.
From the moment the doctor pulled her head out, she screamed for 24 hours STRAIGHT!  I cried a lot that day!
We're crazy out-numbered, but aren't they sweet!
Sometimes...Sergio and I just look at each other and laugh.  Our kids are nuts and we're just trying to survive! 
If I'd have to do it all over again, I'd say "yes" a thousand times over.
Sergio, thanks for choosing me!  I'm looking forward to the next 11 years & counting with you!

Let's always do our best to....
  • Serve together as a fierce duo for the Lord
  • Hug tightly even when the kids shout out "gross"
  • Cheer on the Chicago Bears as I pretend to love them as much as you do
  • Fight for each other, not against each other
  • Hold hands at all times and everywhere
  • Flatter each other's changing appearances
  • Kiss goodbye in the mornings and goodnight in the evenings
  • Encourage one another through our insecurities
  • Be patient always
  • Laugh uncontrollably
  • Wrestle (and I'll sometimes let you win!)
  • Never sleep while still angry, but to forgive graciously
  • Give each other the benefit of the doubt
  • Dance until our kids are embarrassed & continue to do so thereafter
  • Pray without ceasing
Happy 11th Anniversary, Sergio!  I love you!


  1. Thanks for sharing....so funny and so wonderful to see all these! Reminds me of our family. This is a great enouragement to us when the days seem so crazy, that it is so worth it:)

  2. congratulations, rizo's!
    we love and miss you so much - this brought tears to my eyes!
    much love to you all!

    ps: i would've texted you, but i can't find my phone!!

  3. Beautiful post... beautiful family. It is nice to see proof that even in this day and age marriage - based in God - can make it.


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