Rizo Schoolroom

Our schoolroom received a facelift last month.  We painted dressers, organized toys & school supplies, & painted the walls.  It is a relief to finally cross it off our long, renovation list!  

(Sorry for some of the wonky size pictures.  Our computer crashed & my cell is not allowing any change size to pictures.)

View from stairs:

Lockers for storage:

The Creative Nook:

We love posters:

Learning Centers:

And here is what it looks like most of the week:

Each child has their own crate for their curriculum.  This allows us to pick up and school outside on beautiful days or upstairs on the living room couch.  

Clara's crate usually ends up looking like this: 

I enjoy homeschooling our kids.  It is not always fun & simple, but it is a blessing.  

Like today, I sit here and listen to Lydia read words for the first time this year.  Josiah is beginning to learn long division.  And Eliah is learning how to write his name.  Later this afternoon, we will make a huge mess & smash pumpkins with all sorts of tools as we discuss different weights of objects & their force.  

These are the homeschool moments that I cherish.  


  1. I love this! Your room looks amazing!! I love "watching" you be a mama and a teacher. You're an amazing person! Your children are blessed.


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