"Spike": Our family dog

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on Facebook of our new dog, "Hannah".  

We loved her.  She came to us at 5 months old already crate & potty trained.  She was a "rescue" pup with few details about her past.  She allowed my kids to lay on her, walk her on her leash, & to give her commands.  She was the best puppy that anyone could ask for.  That is, until another kid stepped foot on our property.  

After having her for a week, she began to show a territorial behavior that turned vicious when children were around.  After a couple of incidents of her biting children, we had to make a tough decision to find her a new home.  

Our kids understood that we could not keep a dog that bites our friends, but they were still devastated.  I held all four, crying kids in the driveway as my husband took her to her new owner.  

She now lives in a home with no children & an owner who can properly train her in ways that I could not.  

It was one of the hardest decisions we had to make as parents.  I felt like I had failed our kids.  

One of our children deals with a behavior issue that became nonexistent when we brought Hannah home.  But, when she left, our child regressed terribly.  

After much research & many discussions, Sergio & I decided it best to get another dog.  We chose a full-blooded Beagle whom our kids have named, "Spike".  

It's not easy having a 6 week old puppy in our home.  It's full-time work.  

However, when I see my kids with him, I am reminded that they are worth it.  They love having a dog.  The memories they will have with "Spike" will last a lifetime.  

I overheard our son say to Spike today, "You're my very, best friend. And I will love you forever." 

Our other son cried alligator tears as we left Spike's mom & dad.  His precious heart felt sad that he would not see them again.  However, Spike quickly cheered him up by getting his head stuck in the box.  

Goodnight, Spike.  Welcome home.