Stripping Away & Redefining "Fairy Tale": A Letter To Lydia

Dear Daughter,

I write this letter to you after watching you dress up, dance with laughter, and ask if you are "as pretty as a princess".  I feel it time to share with you the true meaning of your royalty.

Sweet One, you are a daughter of the One and Only, True King.  Therefore, you are a princess.

I have watched you get ready as you take on the role of a princess.

One by one your feet enter into a beautiful gown.
Remember to dress modestly.  For in your modesty, that is where your true beauty lies.  

As you slip on your high heels in preparation to "leave", I encourage you to go.
Go into this dark world.  Take your King with you and He will Light your path.  There is beauty in His presence.

I watch you gently place your crown on top of your head.
Wear it confidently as if you were wearing a crown of righteousness.  Speak for the unjust.  Stand up for what is right.    

And lastly, you slowly put on your gloves as if they are treasured riches.
Serve the broken with hands of love.  Give generously to the poor.  

And when you start to dream of your prince, I promise to pray alongside of you.
May he be a man of strength who fights the battles of the flesh without losing hope.
May he have the courage to stand up for what is right and to do so boldly.
May he love others fiercely and humbly make right the wrongs of what he does.
May he serve your King faithfully as you faithfully serve him.

Your fairy tale life will not be like those viewed in Disney movies.  Not like Cinderella's story.  Not like Sleeping Beauty's story.

Your fairy tale life is completely unique.  Completely yours.

Treat it as so.  Do not compare your fairy tale to your neighbors.  For there is no one who is the "fairest of them all".

This is your story.  Yours alone.  Find joy in the hardships of your story.  Find comfort in your King's love.

Rejoice in your story.

From the beginning pages, your story has been filled with strength, hope, and kindness.  I look forward to seeing the rest of your story unfold.

You are uniquely you, Lydia.  For your King created you...all of you.

And you are so beautiful.

So go ahead, twirl around in your gown.  Dance wildly in the kitchen.  Enjoy these days.

Be you, my daughter.  For you are the only you.