A Weekend Cap Via Instagram

Our weekend was jammed packed with productivity! I found 2 amazing Mid-Century pieces to flip, Sergio started the foundation for our garden, the kids played outside in the beautiful weather, & Sergio and I attended our first hockey game!

I learned two things about myself from this weekend:

1. I love mid-century furniture! Once I got my hands on my first piece to flip, I was sold! I may switch our entire (yes, our entire) house over to Mid-Century Modern! It would fit the style & era of our lovely home. (Am I crazy?!)

2. I love hockey!! It's like a professional sports team meets WFC! When the players started to go at each other, I surprised myself by cheering on the violence! "Get him! Fight!!" The fights were the best part of the game! Anyways, we left there with plans (ok, more like dreams!) to purchase a retro camper & seasons tickets for our family.

Go Predators!!