Where We Homeschool

We are well into our first, full year as homeschoolers & just this week, I've finally got us somewhat organized.  Sending 2 out of 4 children to Preschool two days a week has given me some time to understand what homeschooling is & how it looks for our family.  My pictures are not perfect, but you'll have an idea of how this family rolls.

Overview Picture 1:

Overview Picture 2 (it's not pretty...yet):

This armoire was given to me last week.  I did not get a good before picture because I was so excited to get it in our room.  Thanks, Tatiana!! 

Now, for the other side of the room.  I purchased this large & heavy armoire off of Craigslist for dirt cheap.  I had originally planned to slap some paint on it and resell it.  But once I saw how much it could hold, I've decided that it's perfect for our homeschool room.  I don't really want every piece of furniture painted, so I'm up for any suggestions on what to do!  And for those who have a great eye, the missing drawer pull is getting fixed. 


Thanks for letting me show you around our not-so-perfect homeschool room....and for the record, it's just the way we like it.

We plan to have a contract on a home near the city by the end of April.  My plans for the next house is to have the new school room organized BEFORE school begins in August.

Surely that's an obtainable goal, right?!


  1. Room looks awesome Jackie!! On the large wood thing, what if you just scratched it up with a hand sander and then rubbed a dark stain in the sanded parts...that would change the look without painting. Love how your family rolls and am so impressed you are homeschooling. I must have been asleep when God handed out patience. Ha! Miss you!!


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