Desk Transformations in 2011

Here's a quick post on a few desk transformations from 2011. 

Beware, these are simple pictures taken for my own records....nothing fancy.  

Enjoy the power of paint! 

 My $20 Craigslist Find!

Nice Curves & Scallop Detail!

Annie Sloan's Old White & Graphite were mixed together to bring out the beautiful details.
Old White was used everywhere else.  


 One more...

 This desk was found on the side of the road:

It had potential...

I received a free sample of  Annie Sloan's Antibes Green that turned out to be the perfect color.

Chippy Goodness!

A Garage Sale inspired by


This piece was actually a vanity at one time, but we did not have the mirror.

 The original hardware stands out beautifully. 


Goodwill $20 Find:

  Forgive the picture.  This was taken in our garage a few weeks before our big move to Nashville.  

Why yes, it is hideous!!

 This, too, was taken in our garage amidst the boxes.  

And lastly, a desk chair transformation...

Oh, ugliness!

Much better!

Check back for more 2011 Transformations!