I Must Smell Awful!

Today's just not my day.  It's not a day to focus on me and my needs, but rather, it's a day that is meant for me to focus especially hard on my children.  You see, today, my children have their checkups and I never know what to expect.  Some days, they do amazingly well and I am so proud of them.  We sing songs, play, and celebrate their job well done.  And well, other days, are the opposite.  But, those days seem like a piece of cake in comparison of what I experienced today as a mommy.

Our day started off in a rush.  I woke up late, jumped into some clothes, & pulled my hair back in a somewhat stylish manner (isn't the messy look in style, ladies?!).  I dressed the kids and we run out the door to make our 8am appointment.

Once we arrived, I realized, my first mistake.  I didn't feed anyone breakfast!  Surely our appointment won't last but a few minutes and we'll grab something at the snack shop.  In my mind, it seemed like an unspoken understanding between me & my kids.  We won't have any issues, right?!

In reality, what was I thinking?!

At the check-in station, Eliah suddenly has to go to the restroom.  I rush him and the others across the hall and into the women's bathroom.  As I pull his pants down and sit him on the toliet, he seriously squirts his potty all over me.  It was like an uncontrolled water fountain!  It sprayed in my hair, onto my cardigan,  down my pants, and all over the floor.  I had never seen this much urine come out of such a little person before!

I am sure people heard my squeal from outside of the bathroom.  What in the world am I going to do now?  I got Eliah taken care of, washed our hands, and looked over at the automatic dryer.  That's it!  I'll just use that to quickly dry off my clothes & hair.  Mistake number 2.  Can you imagine the smell of heated pee?  I am totally disgusting!

This doesn't stop me.  I am not coming back for another appointment.  Let's just get this over with.

During the appointment, I'm sure the doctor probably thinks I need a shower.   And he's right if he does.  We are sitting rather closely in order to give Eliah the flu mist and I want to explain what happen, but just can't.  As soon as Eliah gets the mist, he turns his head and blows his nose onto my cardigan.  Nice.  It's not a small amount of clearness, it's like slime from that old Nickoleoden show!  I want to close my eyes and be at the beach, but it's time to venture out of the office.

We head over to the snack shop which is just around the corner of the office.  I grab the kids a healthy (yeah, right) breakfast of donuts & chocolate milk.  As we are walking out of the building.  I hear, "Eliah, please share the milk with me!"  "No, Josiah!  It's mine!" Eliah shouted back.

I pulled over the stroller, bent down, and was prepared to settle the dispute.  But, to my surprise, the PINT of chocolate milk fell straight to the floor and exploded like a volcano.  Luckily, my face was there to catch the majority of the mess.  It was in my hair, on my clothes, and all over my face.  I used Clara's blanket to soak up most of what was on my head.  I gently took away the milk and asked the kids to give me a minute.  Internally, I was crying my eyes out.

All of a sudden, some lady who had been watching this all happen, felt the need to tell me, "You have your hands full."

Really?!  I hadn't noticed.

I looked at her and gave a small smile, but was holding my tongue between my teeth.  At that moment, I could've given her a mouthful. 

Kids are finally strapped in and I walked slowly to the driver's side.  It was pouring down rain, but I didn't care.  It cooled me down and maybe it washed off my new fragrance of urine, snot, & chocolate milk.

In the van, I turn around and ask the kids to give mommy some quiet time.  There is no talking from the doctor's office to our home.  Mommy needs to put herself in time-out.

Silently, I let the tears fall down my cheeks and I pray.  I can't tell you what I prayed because I had no words.  It was more of just allowing my spirit to cry out for help.  

I am always amazed at how the Lord works in my life.  He never disappoints me. 

In the silence, I hear, "Your children are wonderfully and beautifully made.  Each were created by Me with different personalities.  I gave them to you to train, to teach, to love, and to guide them in the way they should go.  You can do this.  Do not fear.  I am with you.  Love them through their failures, as I have loved you through yours."


He's right, you know.  He always is.

So, yes, I do have my hands full.  My hands are filled with four beautiful children that were perfectly created by the Lord.  I have been given a great honor and task to train them in the way they should go and it's not always easy and I'm not perfect at it.  I trust in the truth that the joy of the Lord is my strength.  I will lean on Him to get me through and to give me wisdom, peace, and joy.   

(I will also be on my knees praying daily that my children do not get sick this winter.)

Now that I can laugh about today's events, please excuse me while I take a shower. 


  1. Oh Jackie! I love you! I wish I could hug you or take your sweet kiddos for the day. Thank you for your transparency. You are such a good mommy. Praying for you today sweet friend.

  2. Oh friend, I Love you. You are an amazing friend, mom, and wife.
    You always seem to take a challenge and make it into a blessing.


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