Backyard Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, we found out that one kid's dad & his girlfriend were getting married. With seven kids between them, they were not able to plan a celebration.

While the child was visiting us, his Dad came over and invited us to their reception that would take place in 3 days. He said that they were just going to do some hamburgers and a few sides.

After Sergio and I talked, we decided that we'd like to help them in any way that we could. We've talked a lot about missional living and serving in our neighborhood and felt that this was our opportunity to love one of our neighbors.

Sergio got in touch with the members of our church to see if anyone was available to help set-up. Rob & Judy donated most of the meat that they had frozen & left over from the Fourth of July party. Paper goods, sides, & drinks were purchased.

For the decorations, Judy pulled together things she had in her home, fresh flowers from her mother-in-law's garden, as well as a few tables. (Thank you, Honey & Poo!)

I did not get a before shot, but we started with a blank slate. Rob set up most of the tables & helped us get things in order.

The family has 3 huge Boxers, so a few people cleaned up the yard.

I felt so blessed by Judy's giftedness of taking nothing and making it beautiful as well as Crystal's assertiveness to get the job done and to do it perfectly. I, honestly, would've stood there for a long time before making a decision! These two ladies are Rockstars!!

In the middle of one of the trees, this car hangs and is literally bolted to the tree with the largest chain that I've ever seen. It was not coming down. So, why not make it fun, right?! It was filled with ice & Capri Sun for the kids.

It was a great day as a church family. Although we don't really 'know' this family all that well, we were able to serve them with 'no strings attached'. We love them because He loves us.

We met a few of their family members and then most of us left the party. Crystal took my place (without even having to be asked!!) so that I could get back to our house guests. Sergio cooked the meat and was able to talk with a few of their guests.  They  were surprised & truly grateful.

If anything happened, it was that we served together as a family & blessed a bride and groom on their wedding day.

And you know, although Jesus did not come and turn water into wine this day....He came and turned a backyard into a beautiful reception.


  1. You're a beautiful rockstar as well!!! I love your writing?


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