Today, I heard God Laugh.....

Sergio and I are in a period of seeking vocational ministry again. In this transition, we have found ourselves in a state of tension regarding finances. With Baby #4 coming in 3 short weeks, it seems that there is still so much more to do....which involves spending more money. The last few months have been filled with extra expenses such as doctor appointments, van problems, and traveling. Let's just say that things have been tight.

Last night was a tough night. Sergio and I had a heated discussion regarding our future, finances, and such. I went to bed angry...& yes, I know that this is not the appropriate response. I went into my childlike stage of throwing a fit and just going to bed. (Bless my sweet, husband!)

I woke up, got everyone ready, & took Josiah to school. I had about an hour before taking the kids to get their haircut, so we headed over to the faithful playplace at Chick-fil-a! I had a huge tug on my heart to read through every Scripture reference that I could find regarding money, tithing, & a giver's heart.

Let's just say that I was convicted.....but, I was not ready to give up. I knew that we needed to pay a large bill within the next few days and it was weighing on me heavily. I said to God, thanks for the Scripture & I believe your promises, but come on, money in the amount of $xxx just doesn't fall from the sky!!

I had the final word! Or so I thought!

After all the errands, taking naps, we left to pick Josiah up for school. I decided to check the mail & He got me. He had the final word!

In the mailbox was a check from the government that was a refund in the amount of $xxx exactly!!

It was like I heard Him chuckle....why yes, Jackie, I can do anything. I can put that exact amount needed in your mailbox. I am Jehovah Jireh, the Only One who will supply your needs!

Thank you, God, it was fun today....humility is hard, but You are the One worth giving ALL the glory to!


  1. i have felt this way before.
    One week as I was tithing (a slight $40... as I wasn't earning much at the time), I took the money in my hand and very ungratefully reminded Jesus that my family needed food, basic groceries.

    "Lord, with this money we could go to Walmart and be fed"... was my prayer. I was beckoning God to provide... scared that he wouldn't. Challenging him more than trusting him. Things had been so tough financially... And now here's my money going to tithing...

    The Lord listened as I put my money in, close-fisted rather than open-handed.

    The next day at work (Monday) there was a $40 gift card to Walmart in my mailbox.

    I cried and told all the kids about what the Lord had done for me.
    Reminds me of Gideon--The Lord tells him, 'if you're scared...' He is so patient, so faithful, and in our fear, he still provides! He's love is not based on our actions.

    Jehovah Jireh.

    Lora Dean

  2. I thought I might add that Tabi, when I took her up to Johnson Bible College, didn´t know a soul up there. She went to a church where she did know some people on the Sunday after I left her with $140 to get thru the first semester. She said she had a $20 bill left, and about $6.00 in change. When the offering plate was passed, she debated whether to put in the change, or the $20 bill, as she figured that her tithe was $14. She knew that in the States they don´t give you change out of the offering, like they do in Mexico, so she decided to put in the bill anyway. After the service, a friend of ours who had moved back to the States from Mexico greeted her with a bill in her hand. When Tabi opened her hand, there was a hundred dollar bill. She said that from then on she never doubted that God would take care of her in the US.


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