Saturday, January 28, 2012

Desk Transformations in 2011

Here's a quick post on a few desk transformations from 2011. 

Beware, these are simple pictures taken for my own records....nothing fancy.  

Enjoy the power of paint! 

 My $20 Craigslist Find!

Nice Curves & Scallop Detail!

Annie Sloan's Old White & Graphite were mixed together to bring out the beautiful details.
Old White was used everywhere else.  


 One more...

 This desk was found on the side of the road:

It had potential...

I received a free sample of  Annie Sloan's Antibes Green that turned out to be the perfect color.

Chippy Goodness!

A Garage Sale inspired by


This piece was actually a vanity at one time, but we did not have the mirror.

 The original hardware stands out beautifully. 


Goodwill $20 Find:

  Forgive the picture.  This was taken in our garage a few weeks before our big move to Nashville.  

Why yes, it is hideous!!

 This, too, was taken in our garage amidst the boxes.  

And lastly, a desk chair transformation...

Oh, ugliness!

Much better!

Check back for more 2011 Transformations!

I'm not done, Mom!


For the Lamb at the center of the throne
   will be their shepherd;
‘he will lead them to springs of living water.’
   ‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.
Revelation 7:17


Josiah's ministry ended with passing out 53 SLEEPING BAGS to those in need!  Yes, that's amazing and he couldn't have done it alone.  Thank you to all who supported him!!

Here's the best part of it all.....

Josiah was able to personally hand out each and every sleeping bag.  A couple of weeks ago, he took the last 6 to Green Street Church of Christ and returned home with a few bags still in hand.

God provided a sleeping bag to everyone in need....and then some!!  Did I just hear a "hallelujah"?!?!

We keep the remaining bags in our van.  If there is someone in need, we're ready.  When we attend Green Street on Wednesdays, we'll be ready to hand them out.  

But let me tell you, Josiah's not finished with Operation Sleep Tight.  He mentioned to me today that he doesn't want to stop helping those in need.

"Mom, are you sad that all those sleeping bags are gone?" 

"No, Josiah, I'm not sad.  It's great to know that everyone received a warm bed this winter because of Operation Sleep Tight.  It was a really, great ministry."

He sat next to me for a few minutes in silence and then proceeded to discuss his next steps.

"Mom, I'm not done helping the poor.  I think that I can hand out water bottles this summer because it's going to be hot."

I looked around our cozy living room and wondered where in the world are we going to store water bottles?! 

But instead of telling him my concerns, I looked into his precious, brown eyes and simply said, "ok."  I will keep those concerns to myself and let my boy dream tonight.  The next few days, we will begin our strategy of providing water to those in need.  (These would be great!)

I love his heart of service and I want to encourage him to follow his dreams and passions.  So, Operation Sleep Tight will be stocking up on water bottles for the next few months. 

Do you have any suggestions?  Thoughts?  I'd love for you to share them with us!